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Welcome To Holy Spirit Church

Holy Spirit is a vibrant Catholic community that is inspired by the spirit of faith, hope and love. We are blessed with generous, talented people with minds that believe, hearts that hope, and souls that love. We encourage you to share in the Spirit.

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(718) 436-5565
1712 45th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204

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I am New

Thank God you found us!

I am new to Holy Spirit Church, Where do I start?

Regardless of where you are on your journey of faith, we hope you choose Holy Spirit Church as your spiritual home. It was no coincident that you are here now. It’s exactly where God wants you to be.

In establishing the Church, Jesus obviously wants us to worship together. Sure, we can – and should – pray in private, but the Bible is full of examples of great things happening when people pray together.

We look forward to welcoming you home every week!

Learn about Catholicism

Our Beliefs
Discover Jesus Christ and meet the Church that He started on earth.

Becoming Catholic
Maybe you’ve attended Mass with us for a while, or maybe you’ve just met a Catholic and you were…

A Sacrament is a summoning that was instituted by Christ, that brings us into a deeper…

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